Myokinesthetics & the Promise of Pain & Postural Therapy

The Myokinesthetic System

The Myokinesthetic System first came to my awareness in July of this year. I was having some success in my practice alleviating pain, but I was not completely satisfied because I was only helping about 50-60% of my clients and I didn’t have an assessment protocol to help pinpoint and direct my therapy. I have been wanting to focus more of my work on pain and postural therapy and after talking to the developer of Myokinesthetics I could see that his theories made sense and were in alignment with work I was already doing. I decided to take one of his classes as it was held close by in Middleton in September. The Myokinesthetic System so impressed me that I completed all the classes in a six week period including the Certification class in October of 2011. One of the advantages of Myokinesthetics is that it is done clothes on, requires no oil or lotion, and can be done in 15-20 minutes. Results come simply and quickly, often after only the first session.

Myokinesthetics was developed in the mid 1990’s by Dr Michael Uriarte, a Kansas chiropractor to help his massage therapists use muscles to also influence the central nervous system and perhaps help his chiropractic adjustments on clients last longer. While first practicing the technique on his own clients, their feedback was to ask him to no longer do adjustments and focus only on the new work as it was giving them so much relief. As the years have gone by Dr Uriarte has honed and developed Myokinesthetics to create a healing system that encourages the body to gently heal itself and alleviate many common health issues.

The human body will always compensate for any internal imbalances. If you had an accident like falling out of a tree while young you likely shifted some vertebrae. The brain will respond to this negative feedback loop and immediately move other bones and shorten/lengthen muscles to compensate so that when you stand up your posture will feel as balanced to gravity as possible. This is a natural inclination of your brain and nervous system and it really thinks it is helping you. Initially you may feel no pain but over the years range of motion may be affected and pain may set in. By using The Myokinesthetic System we can override or reset the central nervous system and bring about correct posture and eliminate pain and restriction.

The first step in The Myokinesthetic System is to pinpoint with a variety of methods where the core issue is or what nerve root is involved. Then by stimulating while gently stretching every muscle innervated by that nerve root bilaterally, and only these muscles, we can reset muscle memory and “tell” the nerve root to return to “default” or it’s natural state. As Dr Uriarte’s research has continued he has also discovered that by resetting the nerve roots to organs we can reverse and alleviate conditions associated with that organ. Dr Uriarte recently helped a patient whose tear ducts or Lacrimal gland was over productive. The patient was wiping her eyes all day long and woke up with eyes stuck shut.
She had seen 3 different doctors and had gotten no relief. Immediately after the treatment for slowing down the Lacrimal gland the tearing stopped for the first time in 6 months. The body always wants to heal and as we can continue to discover ways to influence the central nerve system our ability to help the body rebalance and come back to its normal healthy state is unlimited.

Treatment generally requires an evaluation, a short series of sessions and after that then only as required. I am inviting any current or new patients that want to experience the life changing results that The Myokinesthetic System could possibly bring to your health to call for an appointment. Or if you know anyone or have a family member that may benefit. . I am anticipating that Myokinesthetics will be the main part of my practice for years to come.

Known to Alleviate:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Achilles Tendonitis
Deltoid Pain Ankle Flexion
Finger Pain Anterior Thigh (Quadriceps) Pain
Forearm Pain Calf Pain
Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Foot Pain
Golfer’s Elbow Knee Pain/Swollen Knee
Hand Pain Lateral Hip Pain
Headaches/Migraines Low Back Pain
Loss of Hand Grip Pain Going from Sitting to Standing Up
Neck Pain Pain Going Upstairs
Pectoralis Minor Syndrome Plantar Fasciitis
Rotator Cuff Problems Piriformis Trigger Points
Shoulder Pain Sciatica
Tennis Elbow Shin Splints
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Toe Pain
Acid Reflux Chemotherapy Side Effects
Bladder Urgency/Incontinence Post-Surgery Discomfort
Stroke Recovery Numbness (Neuropathy)


About bodywork22

I have been a massage therapist/bodyworker for 17 years. I am passionate about what I do and about helping my clients. Utilizing advanced techniques, I facilitate shift and change to improve their quality of life on a physical, emotional, and spiritual plane.
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