Who am I?

Hi! My name is Martyn Luberti, WI Licensed Bodywork Therapist and owner of Bodywork & Beyond. I have been interested in and used alternative health therapies since the 1960’s. I first received acupuncture in 1973,  began using homeopathy extensively in 1981, and regular massage in 1985. This led to an interest in changing my career from retail to massage therapy. After attending International Professional School of Bodywork (San Diego) in 1994, I began working  part-time as a healer/therapist in my native Canada. After selling my last retail store and breaking up with my long term girlfriend in 1997, I sought a new life and returned to I.P.S.B. for further education and the 1000 hour California Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Certification. I eventually settled in Madison and from 2001-2007 I was an owner/partner of BodyWorks Wellness Center. After taking 3 years off I came to the conclusion that providing quality holistic bodywork was both my destiny & passion. I re-opened my practice in 2010 and am working with a renewed focus and enjoyment.

Wisconsin License 2058-1046


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