Myokinesthetic System

The Myokinesthetic System was developed by a chiropractor as a method to influence the central nervous system using muscles and movement. By gently stimulating a specific nerve root in the CNS we can encourage it to reset and help the body come back into balance. This corrects posture, eliminates pain, and allows for greater range of motion.
Sessions are short and change can come quickly and easily. Myokinesthetics is done clothes on and uses no oils or creams. It is particularily helpful for and not limited to people with headaches, stroke related problems, accident recovery, carpal tunnel, shoulder problems, and incontinence/constipation. Sessions are short (5-20 minutes) and often in the beginning requiring 3-5 sessions.
First session prices are $50 for an initial assessment and $30 for the first treatment. Subsequent treatments are $30.


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