Martyn’s EFT work with me has been immediately life-changing. He has an ability to see dead-on what my issues are and assist me to transform and grow. – MG.

You (Martyn) have the finest hands of anyone who has ever worked on me JWM

 Martyn’s work is exceptionally easy to integrate physically, mentally, and emotionally. The changes in flexibility, pain level, and presence of mind with each session occur quickly. Martyn’s attention and care of clients is wonderful, his presence and skill are truly those of a devoted and masterful practitioner.

 -E.N. Results Coach  & Advanced Massage Therapist

As a long time client of CranioSacral, I can say that you do nice work. -CE.

 My surgeon told me that my finger post-surgery would always have limited range. In 10 minutes Martyn restored full range in my finger-.GS

When all else failed one session of Gua Sha with Martyn my shoulder was healed and I was back on the golf course  .-GM


One Response to Testimonials

  1. Kathy Crossman says:

    I had been experiencing pain in my arm and was told I could get a shot for my arm and that was the only help. Martyn did a few sessions of body work with his myokininesthetics. It has cleared up the constant pain and I am able to lift my arm completely. KMC

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